Joshua Danton Boyd

Joshua Danton Boyd

A Brighton based writer.

Senior Content Marketing Executive for Jellyfish Marketing.

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The Freelancer

The Power of Procrastination

Dr. Piers Steel, a psychologist who has spent a lot of time looking at motivation, surveyed over 24,000 people and found that 95 percent of respondents admitted to procrastinating, while 25 percent identified themselves as chronic procrastinators.

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The Freelancer

How to Explain Your Freelancing Career to Your Dad

My dad is convinced he knows what’s best for me. He’s been mapping out my life since the day I was born, and even though he’s supportive, it can seem like he tries his hardest to encourage me to take on his path rather than my own.

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The Freelancer

7 Weirdest Things About Working From Home

I’m pretty sure I haven’t gone mad, but an outsider might disagree.