Joshua Danton Boyd

Joshua Danton Boyd

A Brighton based writer.

Senior Content Marketing Executive for Jellyfish Marketing.

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Adi chrisworo 188857 article

The UK Curry Heat Map

I collected five years of tweets containing names of curries using social media monitoring tool Brandwatch and assigned a heat rating to each location based on the dishes mentioned. I collated the information to produce this UK curry heatmap with a heat rating for every region of the UK.

Jd mason 128089 article

Living Longer in the UK

The UK’s population is getting older. The average age in this country reached 40 for the first time last year: our country is now middle-aged. One of the contributing factors to this is that the average citizen is now living a lot longer than they did in the past.

Crying article

Six graphs that explain Britain's unbalanced recovery

All the way back in 2010, the Tories and Lib Dems were elected to government just a couple of years after the financial crisis of ‘08. One of their main aims was to steer the country out of recession and towards economic prosperity.

1966892 orig article

Mapped: Terrorist Attacks on British Soil

As part of learning how to use CartoDB and to generally practice with using data to produce content, I decided it would be interesting to map all of the terror attacks that have happened on British soil over the last few decades. Naively assuming there would be an easily accessible list detailing that kind of thing I thought it would be a quick project producing a useful map. Unfortunately for me, there is no definitive list.

Open uri20140225 8417 1wnlje3 article
Freelance Advisor

Taking card payments: what's the best option?

Taking card payments: what's the best option?

Global tea trade article

How Britain’s tea economy pushed the world to boiling point

So important is the humble cuppa that the International Standards Organisation has ISO 3103: the proper method for making a cup of tea.

Open uri20140225 8928 hiyqor article

Ukraine and the Online Fight

Since November 21st last year, Ukrainians have been occupying Independence Square in central Kiev.

Can hmrc take my money article

HMRC's scary new powers: can they raid your bank account? - Crunch

The answer, worryingly, is yes. However HMRC must satisfy certain conditions before they can go dipping into your savings.

Open uri20140423 32395 16y3x5w article

The Dragon Economy: How Smaug's death doomed Middle-earth

Smaug was a dragon – a fire drake to be exact. After casting out the Dwarves from Erebor, also known as the Lonely Mountain, he made it his home, and kept all the treasure they had mined and forged. Such is Smaug’s fabulous wealth that Forbes listed him in second place in their ‘Fictional 15’, behind Tony Stark.

Open uri20140612 18445 zom4re article
Real Business

Making a choice about flexible working

With even the UK government getting behind flexible working, now is the time to start seriously considering it as an option for your business. But what are the benefits and which industries does it really suit?

Augustus edwin mulready01 article
The Freelancer

The Power of Procrastination

Dr. Piers Steel, a psychologist who has spent a lot of time looking at motivation, surveyed over 24,000 people and found that 95 percent of respondents admitted to procrastinating, while 25 percent identified themselves as chronic procrastinators.

Open uri20140612 10888 4hqqec article

A Stumbling Erdoğan

There are many concerns about Erdoğan though. Some of his actions have led many to believe he is becoming more authoritarian and at ease with crushing dissent and freedom of speech.

515px hendrick gerritsz pot   the miser   wga18198 article
The Freelancer

How to Explain Your Freelancing Career to Your Dad

My dad is convinced he knows what’s best for me. He’s been mapping out my life since the day I was born, and even though he’s supportive, it can seem like he tries his hardest to encourage me to take on his path rather than my own.

Josh cats1 article

Three freelancing tips I've learned from cats | Crunch Blog

At the risk of starting an intra-office war between cat and dog lovers at Crunch HQ I think we all, deep-down, know that cats rule and dogs drool. For this reason I have decided to write this response to Jon’s ludicrous piece about the freelancing tips he’s gleaned from his dog. Frankly, such bias towards dogs should not be allowed to continue. So, for the sake of balance, here is what I’ve learnt about freelancing from the clowder of cats who live on my street.

Language article
Freelance Advisor

Parlez-vous freelance? Unleashing your inner polyglot | Freelance ...

It’s debateable as to whether our increasingly connected world is making English an increasingly dominant lingua franca, or if it’s in fact doing the opposite and giving increased strength to other tongues. Whatever your viewpoint, we meet and converse with a number of people like never before. Learning another language certainly can’t do you any harm.